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      posted in Photography by admin on October 15, 2019

      Learning Something New

      I must admit, I always feel a little intimidated when I’m using Photoshop. While I feel I have quite a few skills, producing a creative composite photo is new to my editing skills.

      Coming up with an idea for a composite is sometimes tough. I liked the idea of taking a photograph of a horse in its natural surroundings and turning it into a unicorn. I wanted the end result to look like one could just ‘happen upon’ a unicorn while visiting Grand Teton National Park.

      Recently I attended a photo excursion to Grand Teton National Park and captured the photo of a horse below:

      unicorn creative composite

      I loved the way the morning frost made the sagebrush glitter a beautiful pink during the sunrise. Of course, it made me think that this horse deserved to become a unicorn.

      While in a different part of Grand Teton National Park, I captured this photo of one of the Teton peaks:

      grand teton national park mountain peak

      The above photo provided a perfect backdrop for the unicorn I created in my photoshop composite.

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      I hope you’re feeling inspired to create your very own creative composite photograph!

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      Composite Photography by Christie Bryant

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