• Bannack Ghost Town: Series

      posted in Photography by cleverchristie on June 1, 2019

      Through a Window

      Recently, I joined my Digital Imaging class on a day trip to a Montana State Park & Ghost called, Bannack. While there I shot a series of photos where I captured scenes through windows.

      I had such an amazing time! This was the first time I’ve ever taken an entire trip just to take photos. We spent the whole day there and I took upwards of 800 photos (including bracketing – so more like 600…but still).

      Halfway through the day, I discovered that my camera was on Auto-ISO! Gah! I kept setting my ISO between 100 and 400 but ended up with shots that were upwards of 5-6000. I was pretty bummed when I found out but I will make the best of it in post. And I can honestly say that I will never make that mistake again.

      There were so many interesting things to photograph at Bannack. I took enough photos that I could have done a series on the amazing fading and peeling wallpaper, the doorknobs, or even just textures but I really liked the way my window photos turned out.

      Both the photo above (sewing machine) and the photo below (curtain) were both taken at the Doc’s house. I love the way the window warped the outside view in the photo below:

      The last two window photos in my series were taken at the Hotel. The first was shot from an upstairs window, the last from downstairs. Both show the buildings across the street.

      This last photo shows the schoolhouse across the street from the Hotel. This final photo was one of my bracketed photos. I wanted to capture the detail of the sky outside even though the view from the window was really bright. I think it turned out really well.

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