• Bannack Ghost Town: Fine Art

      posted in Photography by cleverchristie on June 7, 2019

      I’m new to the world of Fine Art Photography but I gave it my best shot (literally). The day spent photographing Bannack Ghost Town was a beautifully overcast day. The sun would peek out every once in a while, though.

      Because of the overcast weather, most of the photographs were pretty saturated. Still, I added some saturation and played with the detail and color a bit in photoshop.

      The Hotel was my favorite place to shoot “Ghost” pictures but was bare-bones empty inside.

      On the contrary, the Doctors House was decorated authentically which proved for some fun fine art and detail photos.

      I loved the stillness and quiet beauty of Bannack Ghost Town. There was beautiful texture to be found everywhere.

      Exploring the old houses was so interesting. It’s hard to imagine how the people of Bannack lived back then before indoor plumbing and toilets.

      I truly enjoyed my time spent at Bannack Ghost Town and will definitely visit again.

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