• Bannack Ghost Town: Creative

      posted in Photography by cleverchristie on June 1, 2019


      I have to say, creating a levation photo was way more fun than I thought it would be. It was also easier than I thought it would be. I simply used a tripod to take a photo of Brenna (above) lying on a bench, then kept my camera in the exact same spot on the tripod and took a photo of the room without Brenna or the bench. I erased the bench in photoshop and blended the two photographs. Voila! Levitation achieved.


      The most fun I had during my Bannack Ghost Town trip was taking slow-shutter Ghost photographs. My group experimented with these types of photos several times during the day. We came up with some fun ideas and a lot of our photos turned out really spooky-looking.


      I created the above abstract photo by blending several different Bannack Ghost Town photos. I started with a photo of old, peeling wallpaper and blended it with a photo of a large drill bit in a wooden box. After that, I added a shadow of a man (on the left) and an eye in a part of the wallpaper that made a perfect eye shape. Can you find the eye?


      One of my class assignments was to create a commercial-style photograph. While in an old store, I shot some photographs of Sharing Size Peanut butter M&M’s. I shot these photos during a time when I did not realize my Auto-ISO was on. All of my commercial shots were at 6400 ISO, which made them difficult to work with but I think the above shot turned out alright.

      I really loved the old counter (which looked like they must have served fresh meats or some sort of food). There was even old food wrapping paper there which made a perfect backdrop for commercial photographs.


      Before even leaving for Bannack, I thought of several concepts for photographs. I knew I wanted to shoot some ghost-style photographs in a long hallway and blend it with some sort of texture. When I was wandering around during some free time, I found a little house that had old newspapers on the walls (underneath some peeling wallpaper). When I saw the headline: Boys Coming, I knew it would be perfect for a ghost shot (I used photoshop to remove the “s” in the word, boys). My “ghost” friend, Will definitely looks like he’s coming for you in the photo above.


      While photographing for my window series, I spied the above dresser through a window in a glass door. Suddenly I was really spooked when I saw a woman’s figure in the mirror above the dresser. I quickly realized I was seeing my own reflection and thought it would make a fun “creepy” ghost photo. What do you think? Is it creepy?

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