• Photo Printing Prep

      by cleverchristie on July 2, 2019 , No Comments

      Before & After My Photo Editing Process First Things First When I edit photos the first thing I do is lower my screen brightness. When I’m working on my iMac, I usually lower the brightness to about 50%. If I’m working on my Laptop, I lower the brightness to about 60%. Lowering your brightness helps to prevent your images from printing too dark. Basic Edits I always start with some basic photo editing. Using Adobe Camera Raw, I raise my shadows and blacks; this helps retain the photos detail when printing. Next, I adjust the sliders starting with the temperature […]

    • Bannack Ghost Town: Portraits

      by cleverchristie on June 5, 2019 , No Comments

      Traveling to Montana to visit Bannack Ghost Town with my Digital Imaging class was so much more fun than I thought it would be. I learned a lot about photography and made some new friends along the way. One of our assignments was taking portraits. This was the first time I had shot portraits using Auxiliary Light. Not only did I learn how to use added light when taking portraits, but I also learned the many benefits of added light. Portraits Using Auxiliary Light Following are a few examples of the portraits I was able to shoot using different forms […]