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      Dirty Dough Cookies Rebrand

      Updated photos added on 7/28/22 and 8/26/22

      Recently, Dirty Dough Cookies, an amazing cookie company, sold 40+ franchises and rebranded. They hired me to help apply their new brand to documents, packaging, as well as some social media design.

      Then, they asked if I would design a wall mural for their first store built in Vineyard, Utah. I have to say, I had so much fun creating a wall mural! After several designs and a lot of back-and-forths, we decided it would be fun to add some elements that surrounded the specific franchise including local landmarks. The Mural also features cookies (of course), milk, and other sweets found in their cookies.

      Dirty Dough Vineyard, Utah Mural
      by Christie Bryant

      It was challenging and SO MUCH FUN to create this mural but the best feeling came when I was able to see my work up on the wall inside the new Dirty Dough store:

      Vinyard, Utah Wall Mural
      by Christie Bryant

      I had never before seen my work in such a large format. So much fun!

      I also created a bunch of different flyers and signs for the Grand Opening. You can see a few of them them in the photo above (hanging from the counter, and in the frame to the left of the mural).

      Dirty Dough has asked me to create this type of mural for all of the new stores that will be opening soon. Here are some of the murals that will show up in additional Utah Dirty Dough franchises:

      Mural Design for Spanish Fork, Utah

      Dirty Dough Spanish Fork, Utah Mural
      by Christie Bryant

      Some of the local designs in this mural feature the Spanish Fork Icelandic Memorial, City Hall, All Abilities Park, and Shri Shri Kirshna Temple. I also added a lot more of the Dirty Dough flavors of cookies, ice cream, syrup, whipped cream, and milkshakes.

      Mural Design for Saint George, Utah

      Dirty Dough Saint George, Utah Mural
      by Christie Bryant

      This was by far the most fun I’ve had with the murals so far! Trying to capture their mountain range with the cool red rock formations, including the famous natural arch and Tuacahn park, was challenging. They also wanted to feature Dixie State University and Saint George Temple. I also made different trees, shrubbery, and a little Jeep that were new for this mural. Can you spot the Jeep?

      Dirty Dough Cookies Mural
      located in St. George, Utah

      I love to see my art on the wall in each of the Dirty Dough Cookie locations that are popping up all over Utah right now. I must admit, there must have been some sort of communication breakdown between Corporate and their wallpaper mural printer. A lot of the mural was cut off of this one, and right away (because I’m the artist) I noticed the miss printed section (middle left). Also, I wish they would have placed the Dirty Dough logo higher, instead of covering up most of the mountain range (they also did this with the Pleasant Grove Mural). After these two, I think they’ve decided to place the Dirty Dough logo a little higher in the future.

      Mural Design for Pleasant Grove, Utah

      Dirty Dough Pleasant Grove, Utah Mural
      by Christie Bryant

      The Pleasant Grove mural features a lot of strawberries! Strawberry Days are HUGE in Pleasant Grove! They wanted to be sure the Strawberry Days Ferris Wheel and Rodeo made it onto the mural, as well as the Grove Theater, hot air balloons, their famous clock tower, and a local restaurant called The Purple Turtle. I also added more activities to this mural: swimming, horseback riding, family picnicking, pulse people walking, running, playing, etc.

      Wall Mural at Dirty Dough Cookies
      Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah

      I love the way the mural fills up the wall in the Pleasant Grove location, however, again, I wish they would have placed the Dirty Dough logo a bit higher (instead of covering up most of the mountain range). Still, I feel honored to have a little bit of my art on the wall in Pleasant Grove.

      Mural Design for Scottsdale, Arizona

      Updated 9/22/22

      Dirty Dough Mural in Scottsdale Arizona
      by Christie Bryant

      Mural Design for Saratoga Springs, Utah


      Mural Design for Phoenix, Arizona


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