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      posted in Graphic Design, Identity Design by admin on October 9, 2021

      Style Guide Originally Designed April 2021 by Christie Bryant

      No Identity Design is complete without a Brand Guide. After creating an entirely new brand for the City of Rexburg, I created the following Brand Guide to showcase exactly how to apply the brand throughout the city streets and parks, as well as advertising, vehicles, official documents, web pages, and even social media posts.

      Coming up with the Brand was an intensive process that took a little over a month. Then, Creating the Brand Book and applying the new brand took another few weeks. During the design process, I was able to work with City Officials and employees, mentors, and received critiques from fellow designers. After the Brand Guide was complete, I truly enjoyed presenting it to the City of Rexburg.

      Posted below is the City of Rexburg Identity and Branding Style Guide that I created to showcase the UR Rexburg Theme.

      If you would like to see my design process and how I ended up choosing my final designs, please visit this post.

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      <p>Brand Guide Design by Christie Bryant</p>