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      Pencil compositions using the 7 Creative Strategies

      Using a pencil as the object and creating compositions with 7 creative strategies:

      Metaphor or Simile • Change of Context • Juxtaposition • Shape Similarity • Combination • Isolation • Material Change

      Metaphor or Simile 

      A pencil and a microphone: The thought behind this was writing as a tool to use your voice. 

      Pencil Mic by Christie Bryant

      Change of Context/Environment 

      A pencil and a banana: A banana and a pencil are both yellow. Plus a banana pencil is just funny, right? 

      Bananapencil by Christie Bryant


      A pencil and a man. I created Juxtaposition by having the pencil be much larger (the size of a guitar).  

      PencilGuitar by Christie Bryant

      Physical/Shape Similarity

      A pencil and a straw: These have the same shape but are very different. Kind of gross to think about a pencil in your lemonade, but it made you look, right?

      PencilStraw by Christie bryant


      A pencil and a tree. This feels like a natural combination.  

      PencilTree by Christie Bryant


      A pencil and crayons: The crayons feel like they’re ganging up on the pencil creating an isolated feel. 

      Pencil and Crayons by Christie Bryant

      Material Change/Swap/Focus

      A pencil and a pretzel: I decided to create the pencil in a knotted-pretzel shape. Is it a pencil morphed into a pretzel or a pretzel morphed into a pencil? Either way, like the lemonade – kinda gross to think about eating it, but a fun combo nonetheless.

      PencilPretzel by Christie Bryant

      It was very fun to stretch my creativity and think outside the box using these 7 Creative Strategies.

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      <p>Photoshop Illustration by Christie Bryant</p>

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