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      Portraits of Groups and Pairs

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      Group photography can be fun, but sometimes it can be stressful as well. Make sure you communicate before you start, and take lots of photos.

      The four models below were in the Hipster/Casual fashion photography category. I know they look pretty serious in this photo, but I promise we all had a good time during their shoot.

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      Models: Mateo Anzola, Lilia Zehnder, Ashlyn Jeppson, and Alvaro Marquina

      Be sure to take time to experiment with different angles, lighting, and position your models/subjects in various arrangements.

      Miriam and her husband, Jarom were modeling in the Activewear and Fitness category. I have to say, these two were perfect for this. They both very fit and look fantastic in their workout clothing. It was hard to get a bad photo of these two, they looked great in every photo!

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      Models: Miriam and Jarom Bennett

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      These two work out together all the time and look good doing it! We used the Godox High-Speed Sync to light these two up. I was really pleased with the way all the photographs turned out.

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      Mikyla and Danny were the models for the Halloween Wedding Fashion. There was a huge umbrella lighting up these two. They looked fantastic in their formal attire.

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      Lastly, there was Samantha Johnson and Hayden Chatterton dressed as The Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s Monster. These photos were taken the night before Halloween, so it was very fun to have a Halloween themed fashion shoot.

      Samantha and Hayden were lit up using LED Light Wands set to green and red. I love the way they turned out — so artsy and fun!

      Group Portraits by Christie Bryant

      If you want to see some more wonderful fashion photography check out: Sara Moon’s Instagram | Sarah Moon’s Website

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      Group Photography by Christie Bryant

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