• Sky Mountain Lodge

      posted in Photography by admin on October 31, 2019

      Sky Mountain Lodge Retreat in Victor, Idaho

      One of the most important things I’ve learned about landscape photography is: Lighting is Everything.

      Sky Mountain Lodge Idaho Photos by Christie Bryant

      The photo above was taken less than an hour before sunrise, while the photo below was taken less than an hour before sunset. Golden Hour is a magical time for landscape photography.

      Sky Mountain Lodge Idaho Photos by Christie Bryant

      Sky Mountain Lodge is set in a magical area in Victor, Idaho. There are beautiful trees and mountains all around. There are natural lakes and rivers close by as well. The above photo was taken using a tripod. The tripod, along with an f/stop of f/22, helped to ensure a sharp photo. I really wanted to capture the detail of all the beautiful fall leaves on the trees.

      While at Sky Mountain Lodge, the Harvest Moon was gorgeous in the night sky. Just after the sun went down, I headed out onto the Lodge’s back deck. Again, with a tripod, I was able to capture a beautiful shot of the moon in the clear night sky.

      Although the moon seems like an ordinary shot, with the right lens, you can get an extraordinary shot. See more about turning the ordinary into extraordinary here.

      Sky Mountain Lodge Idaho Photos by Christie Bryant

      Sky Mountain Lodge was such an amazing place to stay, especially while learning more about photography on my Comm 316 Excursion. It was amazing to not only learn from the expert, Caryn Esplin but also to learn from my fellow Professional Imaging students.

      More photos of Sky Mountain Lodge can be seen HERE.

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      Landscape Photography by Christie Bryant

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      1. GIRL you are soooo good. I love the moon shot! So unique and perfectly composed. Love the frozen lake shot as well. That’s a shot I didn’t even see on the trip! BRAVO

        Check out my site to see my fall snow cabin views as well. https://www.camijuddphotography.com/fall-snow-cabin-views/

        Madi got some killer shots of the cabin as well.

        Here are some more cabins photographed in the snow.

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