• Grand Teton National Park

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      Landscapes in Grand Teton National Park

      Landscape photography just might be my favorite type of photo to take. I love using my wide-angle lens for Landscape photography. For most of the photos in this post, I used a 16-35mm lens.

      The Grand Tetons are glorious to behold! I’ve always felt closer to heaven while out in nature. How better to understand beauty and art than to behold God’s creations in the great outdoors.

      Photos of Grand Teton National Park by Christie Bryant

      I once had someone tell me that they had never seen a mountain. They asked me to describe them. How do you describe a mountain? I used adjectives like massive, beautiful, breathtaking, varying in shapes, sizes, and colors. But the Tetons…they’re in a category all their own. Grand Teton National Park is a slice of Heaven on Earth.

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      When I came across the tree below, I was grateful that I had my wide-angle lens attached to my camera. I turned the angle my camera to capture a portrait of this amazing black and white tree:

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      I used a telephoto lens to capture the tip of one of the Grand Teton Mountains in this next photo. Triangles always seem to look good in photographs. It’s easy to create a triangle when photographing a mountain peak:

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      While the peak photo above was taken during Golden Hour, right before sunset, the photo below was taken during Golden Hour right before sunrise:

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      I was able to catch the light just hitting the mountains and just beginning to graze the mist on top of the water. Just 10 minutes later, the sun was rising. The light was so incredible for capturing photos of the early morning frost, fog, and mist. The next two photos show how light can lend the “extra” to an extraordinary photo.

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      Until I started shooting several landscape photographs, I realized that I was centering the horizon line on too many of my photographs. In these last couple of photographs, I tried to remember the rule of thirds and the golden ratio, I also tried to avoid centering my horizon line.

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      While taking this next photo, I was experimenting with using a telephoto lens. My first time using a telephoto lens was during this trip to Grand Teton National Park. I really love the way the telephoto lens brings the background forward. I was literally standing about a half-mile away from the barn in the photo below. The telephoto lens made the mountains seem so close and even more beautiful (if that’s possible).

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      For this last photo, I wanted to try for several things: A really low, interesting angle, putting something in the foreground (the fun-shaped tree stump), and sun flairs.

      Grand_Teton_National Park

      Bingo! Nailed it.

      If you want to see some truly inspiring photographs of Grand Teton National Park, visit Jacob Huges Etsy Shop. His photographs are incredible!

      The more I spend time behind the lens, the more I realize just how much I love landscape photography. I think this may be my all-time favorite type of photography.


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      Landscape Photography by Christie Bryant

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      1. Marlee on

        I love all of your photos! I really like how you noticed you were centering your horizon and made an effort to change that to make your photos more interesting! Check out my post on Grand Teton National Park: https://marleehigginsphoto.com/grand-teton-national-park/ Also check out National Geographic’s post to learn more about the Tetons and see more great photos!:https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/national-parks/grand-teton-national-park/#close

      2. I love your photos, you are so talented! I loved that you incorporated God into your post and how the Tetons are like a piece of heaven because they are amazing to behold! Here’s what I wrote about Golden Hour and Blue Hour on my blog http://sanderslage.com/golden-hour-blue-hour-fine-art/ also check out what Carlos did on his https://carloshbolivar.com/how-to-make-your-photos-more-interesting-the-golden-hour/ and finally check out what Expert Photography said you should do when taking pictures https://expertphotography.com/what-is-golden-hour-photography/

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