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      posted in Photography by admin on October 22, 2019

      Blended Photos or Photo Composites

      A composite photo is an image created using multiple photos that are blended together in photoshop. The key to making a blended photo look more realistic is making sure that any light in the photo is coming from the same angle.

      Following is a photo composite that I created by blending three different slow-shutter night photos:

      Photo Composite Christie Bryant

      Douglas Phan stood in the same position while all three photos were taken. I blended the three photos in post-production.

      Here are the 3 original photos pre photo composite:

      The key to creating this photo composite was making sure the background was black in all three photos. I took the time to black-out anything that was not wanted in the final composite.

      Do you want to learn more about photo composites? Check out these blog posts:

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      Creating photo composites can be really exciting and fun! Create something new that wasn’t there before and make people wonder how you did it.






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      Photo Composite by Christie Bryant

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