• Middle School Mural

      posted in Graphic Design, Surface & Pattern Design, Illustration by admin on February 23, 2023

      In Early December 2022, I was contacted by Silicon Signs (the company that prints the murals for the Dirty Dough Cookies Franchises in Utah). They asked me if I would like to create a graffiti-style mural for a storage container at Willowcreek Middle School. Included in the email was the photo below:

      Willowcreek Middle School Storage Container

      Of course, I said yes! VERY quickly, I threw together a mood board and was off and running:

      Mood Board for Willowcreek Middle School

      While I planned to add color to the mural, I originally sent the following black and white sketch for approval:

      Original Sketch for Willowcreek
      by, Christie Bryant

      Willowcreek really liked the sketch and give me the thumbs up to finish the mural and add color. In the end, I sent the following art as a first draft with the request to let me know what changes I should make. They got back to me and said they loved it as is! I really did think I would be making at least a few changes but I’m so glad they were happy with it!

      Willowcreek Middle School Mural
      by Christie Bryant

      I have not been able to see the final mural in person, but I did create the following mock-up:

      Willowcreek Mural Mock-up

      This project was really fun to do! I hope I am able to do more projects like this in the future.

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