• Photo Printing Prep

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      Before & After My Photo Editing Process First Things First When I edit photos the first thing I do is lower my screen brightness. When I’m working on my iMac, I usually lower the brightness to about 50%. If I’m working on my Laptop, I lower the brightness to about 60%. Lowering your brightness helps to prevent your images from printing too dark. Basic Edits I always start with some basic photo editing. Using Adobe Camera Raw, I raise my shadows and blacks; this helps retain the photos detail when printing. Next, I adjust the sliders starting with the temperature […]

    • Idaho Falls Magazine

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      Photo Contest Entries On June 13th, 2019 I entered the following three photos in the Idaho Falls Magazine Photo Contest under the Nature and Wildlife category: I chose to enter the above photos because I LOVE IDAHO! My favorite photos to shoot are those that reflect the beauty in nature and Idaho is so beautiful! Even if I don’t win a prize for my photographs, I hope that those who view them will get a sense of the deep gratitude I feel for my beautiful surroundings here in Idaho.

    • 5 Best Photos

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      Skills Cultivated During Digital Imaging I have gains loads of new “smarts” while taking Digital Imaging this semester, much of which have to do with how to use my SLR camera’s full potential. One of the most useful skills I’ve learned is how to use photo bracketing. The picture above (Bannack Ghost Town) was taken using the bracketing setting on my camera. A bracketed photo consist of three photos: one over-exposure, one normal exposure, and one under-exposure, then all three are blended together during post. Speaking of post, I’ve picked up some new know-how when it comes to using Adobe […]

    • Experimenting with Macro

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      Learning to Focus This was my first time experimenting with Macro photography. I had a lot of fun focusing on tiny areas of objects. The jar below is less than an inch high. I zoomed in on the tiny black key. In this next photo, you can see the detail in the sand so clearly: Using Water While experimenting with Macro photography, I tried to capture water droplets. I love the way the water drops look on top of this peacock feather: The yellow rose below was spritzed with a spray bottle of water. I love all the tiny water […]

    • Bannack Ghost Town: Fine Art

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      I’m new to the world of Fine Art Photography but I gave it my best shot (literally). The day spent photographing Bannack Ghost Town was a beautifully overcast day. The sun would peek out every once in a while, though. Because of the overcast weather, most of the photographs were pretty saturated. Still, I added some saturation and played with the detail and color a bit in photoshop. The Hotel was my favorite place to shoot “Ghost” pictures but was bare-bones empty inside. On the contrary, the Doctors House was decorated authentically which proved for some fun fine art and […]

    • Bannack Ghost Town: Portraits

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      Traveling to Montana to visit Bannack Ghost Town with my Digital Imaging class was so much more fun than I thought it would be. I learned a lot about photography and made some new friends along the way. One of our assignments was taking portraits. This was the first time I had shot portraits using Auxiliary Light. Not only did I learn how to use added light when taking portraits, but I also learned the many benefits of added light. Portraits Using Auxiliary Light Following are a few examples of the portraits I was able to shoot using different forms […]

    • Bannack Ghost Town: Creative

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      Levitation I have to say, creating a levation photo was way more fun than I thought it would be. It was also easier than I thought it would be. I simply used a tripod to take a photo of Brenna (above) lying on a bench, then kept my camera in the exact same spot on the tripod and took a photo of the room without Brenna or the bench. I erased the bench in photoshop and blended the two photographs. Voila! Levitation achieved. Ghost The most fun I had during my Bannack Ghost Town trip was taking slow-shutter Ghost photographs. […]

    • Bannack Ghost Town: Series

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      Through a Window Recently, I joined my Digital Imaging class on a day trip to a Montana State Park & Ghost called, Bannack. While there I shot a series of photos where I captured scenes through windows. I had such an amazing time! This was the first time I’ve ever taken an entire trip just to take photos. We spent the whole day there and I took upwards of 800 photos (including bracketing – so more like 600…but still). Halfway through the day, I discovered that my camera was on Auto-ISO! Gah! I kept setting my ISO between 100 and […]