• Delicate Jugglers

      posted in Surface & Pattern Design, Illustration by admin on January 20, 2022

      Digital Collage by Christie Bryant

      Delicate Jugglers
      Collage by Christie Bryant

      About the Process

      This digital collage was inspired by the words, “delicate” and “juggler.” I started by gathering different photographs of delicate things (i.e. teacups and dragonfly wings), along with photos of jugglers.

      Dragonfly Wings

      After a bit, I gave up on photos of actual jugglers and thought that it would be fun if the jugglers themselves were delicate and opted for the idea of fairies. I love vintage photos and ephemera, so I created the fairies using vintage photos of dancers along with the delicate dragonfly wings.

      Collage Experiment
      by Christie Bryant

      While researching different types of buildings, I fell in love with the colorful Dutch-style homes. I was going to use photos of Dutch homes (shown above) but in an attempt to add color to the composition, I decided to illustrate them instead.

      I changed up the grey-blue background for a brighter watercolored blue. Then, I added clouds to the sky using vintage book pages.

      To keep with the juggling theme, each Fairy juggles delicate porcelain tea cups while walking on a high wire connected between the buildings. For the final touch, I added some leafy trees.

      What I Would Change

      If I was to attempt this same collage again, I would use more shadow to give some dimension to the composition…shadows underneath the paper clouds and shadows on the buildings cast by the fairies. I would also put interesting people/items/scenes inside random windows of each building.

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