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      posted in Surface & Pattern Design, Illustration by admin on March 29, 2021

      Creating a Photo-Realistic Vector Watch

      It’s fun to learn new skills, but no one ever said it was easy! Of course, I had to push myself by choosing a pretty tough watch to duplicate. For this project, I chose to re-create the Aurora Watch by Citizen

      Vector Watch Created by Christie Bryant


      To gather my thoughts and ideas, I like to start out sketching with pencil and paper. For this project, I focused on how to accomplish the tiny details of the diamonds and the complex shading. 

      Vector Drafts

      When I started developing the watch in Adobe illustrator, I focused mostly on the watch face. I focused on getting the basic shapes down and started figuring out how to make the diamonds look realistic.

      I received quite a bit of feedback, most of the ideas I received were making the colors match more closely, working on texture, and adding more realistic shadows. 


      I struggled a bit with matching the colors perfectly, but I feel like I got pretty close.


      Getting the metal texture right was a job in itself. I spent a couple of days trying to re-create the look of real metal. 

      Shading and Shadows

      I experimented a lot with shadows and colors of shadows.

      Once the shadows, texture, and color started to come together, I started seeing results I was happy with. 

      A look at some of the progress pictures: 

      The Finished Design

      Honestly, by the time all was said and done, I think I put almost 100 hours into this project. I learned a lot about creating photo-realistic vectors. While it was a lot of work, I’m sure I’ll find myself doing this a lot in the future. Maybe next time I’ll try working on a landscape. 


      Definitely not perfect. But Realistic enough to make me satisfied. 

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      <p>Vector Illustration by Christie Bryant</p>