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      The Project

      For this Brand Application project, I collaborated with a team of designers to create a Welcome to Rexburg Kit using the City of Rexburg Brand Guide and Logotype designed by Alden Dirks.

      Alden’s Existing Brand Book Samples

      Following is a look at Alden’s original designs (these are the designs that I applied to the Welcome Kit).

      The Design Team

      Christie Bryant, Laurie Summers, Alex Baltz, Elizabeth Spencer, Khris Miller, and Loutisha Carr.

      Applying the Brand

      The logo and logotype, colors, typefaces, and aesthetic shown in Alden’s Brand Guide above were used by the design team to create the following “Welcome to Rexburg” Kit.

      Because the book holds the most information about the city, the team decided to design this portion of the kit first.

      The Book Cover

      The water tower is an iconic landmark in Rexburg because it stands on a hill that can be seen from almost anywhere in Rexburg. It seemed like a good way to showcase the new logotype. The cover photo is facing south towards the green dry farms, while still showing some beautiful homes, leaving the perfect space to welcome the new Rexburg citizen home.

      Cover Designed by Christie Bryant

      Inside Cover

      For the inside cover, I thought it would feel even more welcoming to feature a letter from the city’s Mayor. I placed the letter above a city-scape made from the buildings in the new city logo, along with some additional buildings that I created in the same illustration style.

      Inside Cover designed by Christie Bryant

      History & Facts

      The next page features some simple history and facts about Rexburg. Again, I used the colors from the style guide and created some additional icons in the same illustration style to help showcase the individual facts about the city.

      History and Facts page designed by Christie Bryant
      with information researched and provided by Laurie Summers


      This next spread was designed by Laurie Summers. Laurie used the buildings from the new logo and icons from the style guide, then created some infographics to help illustrate the demographics in the City of Rexburg.

      Demographics page designed by Laurie Summers

      Local Restaurants

      The Local Restaurants page, along with the map of the city spread were created by Kris Miller. Kris placed some of the city landmarks on the map and created a key to find them.

      Local Restaurants and Map page designed by Khris Miller

      Community Representatives & New Address Necessities

      The team thought it was important to make the Rexburg Representative information easy to find.

      For the Community Representatives page, I wanted to feature the Mayor and the City Council Members along with their phone numbers and email addresses. As City of Rexburg representatives, the Mayor, and the City Council members love to hear from Rexburg citizens. For this page, I created a few more icons to stay consistent with the book design and the Rexburg brand identity.

      Alex Baltz designed the New Address Necessities page. She researched the most important information that should be available for people when they move to a new city and included it on this page.

      Left: Community Representatives page designed by Christie Bryant
      Right: New Address Necessities page designed by Alex Baltz

      Madison County Library

      I went through several iterations of the Library page, creating several more icons that we did not end up using. We thought this page looked better with just one icon and used more photos for this page.

      Madison County Library page designed by Christie Bryant

      Madison School District

      In Rexburg, local sports is a BIG deal. Starting in Elementary school, the schools show Bobcat spirit by wearing the red shirts to school every Friday. Madison School District Athletics is greatly supported by the Rexburg Community, which takes great pride in its local teams. We felt that the new Madison Track and Football field needed a moment in the spotlight in our Welcome booklet.

      Madison School District page designed by Christie Bryant

      Farmer’s Market

      The Rexburg Farmer’s Market has grown over the past several years and is treasured by members of the community.

      Farmer’s Market page designed by Laurie Summers

      Rexburg Recreation

      There are many wonderful recreational activities to do in the City of Rexburg. Because Rexburs is a college town, we wanted to encourage people to take advantage of the arts and museums available at the college.

      Rexburg Recreation page designed by Christie Bryant
      in collaboration with Loutisha Carr

      Close By Sites & Recreation

      Rexburg is in a prime location only an hour away from TWO amazing national parks. Both Yellowstone and Teton National Park are practically on Rexburg’s doorstep. Our team wanted to make sure that people new to town, are aware of the lesser-known close-by recreational gems.

      Sites Close By page designed by Christie Bryant
      in collaboration with Loutisha Carr

      Emergency Services and Local Utilities

      Our team thought it would be fun to include Magnets and Perforated pages that included important information to easily set up Utilities when moving to Rexburg.

      Emergency Services Magnet and Utilities Information perforated page
      designed by Laurie Summers

      Coloring Pages

      We can’t forget the kiddos! Rexburg is a FAMILY COMMUNITY, after all. A pack of crayons will also be included in the Welcome Kit.

      Coloring Pages Designed by Khris Miller

      Seek & Find Stickers & Map

      There’s even more fun for the kids with this Seek and Find Sticker Map. Children can learn where the parks and fun play-places are in the city and learn the grid layout easily by matching the stickers to the icons on the map.

      Seek and Find Sticker Map page designed by Elizabeth Spencer

      Sticker and Back Cover

      The stickers were designed to have the same aesthetic as the other illustrated icons in the Brand Guide. The only addition was color (still on-brand), to make it more fun for kids to add the stickers to the Seek and Find Map page.

      Seek and Find Stickers designed by Elizabeth Spencer
      Back Cover designed by Alex Baltz

      Local Events Pamphlets

      Our team thought it would be a really fun idea to include some pamphlets in our Welcome to Rexburg Kit. The City of Rexburg could also have these informational pamphlets available for citizens in all of their city buildings, museums, and headquarters.

      Local Events page designed by Christie Bryant

      Design Application Hero Page

      Below you can see how the brand was applied to a “Welcome to Rexburg” kit. The book in the kit includes stickers and coloring pages and crayons, several pamphlets for The City of Rexburg activities, complementary change-of-address postcards to send to friends and family, along with refrigerator magnets that include useful and important city phone numbers.

      Hero Page designed by Laurie Summers
      Postcards designed by Alex Baltz


      Design Application is very rewarding! It’s so interesting to work with a brand that has already been designed. It was nice to have parameters (photo style, colors, typefaces, and a logotype) already in place. I liked pushing my creativity to see what I could come up with using someone else’s designs.

      Teamwork is so important. After working closely with people for a few weeks, you get to know them and their work habits. I think it’s very wise to choose a good team that can work well together. Working on someone’s brand and the image is important and should be taken seriously. I learned early on, who could be relied on to carry their portion of the design load, and who would rather let others pick up their slack. We’re only as strong as our weakest link, right?

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